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Coin Buying, Selling and Trading

At JD Coin, we are a three-way marketplace, meaning we buy, sell and trade precious goods.

There is a lot of questionable information available that makes it difficult to know if selling your precious items is a smart idea. From our shop in Rochester, MN, we can take the guesswork out of it for you. At JD Coin, we’ve been building longtime friendships with loyal customers for over 25 years. Our Coin Specialist will appraise your items on the spot and give you a fair market assessment. No hassle, no pressure. You are never under an obligation to buy or sell when you walk through our door.

We are a licensed and bonded dealer, with decades of satisfied clients behind us.

When you’re selling precious items, it’s important to find a trustworthy dealer. Choose someone with history, someone who has been around for a long time. Next, pick a dealer with an actual physical location, a place where you can drive up and visit the appraiser face-to-face. Ask questions, and remember that your items may have more value than just the precious metals they contain. At JD Coin, we have your best interests in mind. We’re fair, honest, and we pay in cash—just what you’re looking for when you are ready to sell.

Never clean or polish your items as it will degrade the value, and do not bring them in separate envelopes as it slows down our streamlined system.

We purchase or trade gold and silver:

  • Coins
  • Complete collections: including books, folders, cases, etc. We purchase early coins and collections on a rotational basis, with a preference for pre-1960s coins.
  • State Collections

We will normally have your coins sorted within an hour, depending on the size of the box of coins. Every customer is given an honest appraisal and we promise to never pay less than a coin’s value.

  • Precious Scrap Metal
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Old Jewelry
  • Dental Gold
  • Complete collections: including estates that contain precious metals, jewelry and rare coins. We have the knowledge to help value and liquidate a complete collection that you may be dealing with, with appraisals from a few hundred dollars to well into the millions.

We Were Here Yesterday, and We’ll Be Here Still Tomorrow.

You should never have to worry that you’ve made a bad decision when selling your precious items. If JD Coin can ever be of assistance or can answer your questions, call us at 507-282-8001 or email jdcoin@msn.com. Better yet, stop in and see us at 1607 1st St NW in Rochester, MN.